June Reflections

I don’t seem to have done a reflection at all this month. I have been struggling to work or concentrate still.

Reading and watching:

  • Finished reading Michael Freeman – The Photographer’s Eye –a useful reminder of what I covered when I initially did TAOP several years ago
  • Memories – AS Byatt – lots of essays on memory – useful general reading especially in context of IAP
  • Watched the Susan Bright lecture and the following zoom – very interesting – separate post on that
  • Aaron Schumann –Slant – again a post done
  • Watched Anna Fox zoom and wrote up
  • Read Batchen Forget Me Not very relevant for the work I am doing for A4
  • Read Paul Strand New England and posted
  • Watched a talk by Margaret Mitchell done by Street Level – wrote up and posted

Thinking and doing:

  • Attended study visit for London’s Hottest postcode – written up
  • Finished MoMA Coursera on Modern Art – very useful as background knowledge, mainly painting based but did discuss some photography such as Migrant Mother , gave me some useful ideas about emu of text
  • Redid A3 following tutor report
  • Transcribed tapes by my mother for my work on Exercise 4.5
  • Zoom meeting with IAP group. These are very useful . Posted full report to IAP Padlet


  • Made up video of Mother’s word and images for Exercise 4.5
  • Printed images and made up album as above
  • Sorted out images for use in A4
    • Printed out
    • Randomised words
    • Made a series of images of ‘still life ‘setups – this took ages as had to keep redoing, steep learning curve here.

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