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Reflection on Assignment 3

Demonstration of Technical and Visual Skills:

  • The images are clear although the lighting is variable
  • I have shown a range of images of the club, including area shots, portraits of the members and details
  • Putting the images into a PowerPoint show was the first time I have tried this

Quality of outcome:

  • The story is told in the images
  • I would have liked to redo some of the pictures, but this was impossible in the present climate

Demonstration of creativity:

  • I have tried to be creative by using varied images and viewpoints
  • The images are all straight documentary photography, and this was important to telling the story. It is about a club and a series of events rather than about emotions and feelings.


  • The whole assignment was based on the work done in part 3
  • I have done extensive reading of story-telling picture essays – this is a rabbit hole that it is far to easy to fall down.
  • The context should be seen in relation to work such as the Summer Camp by Mark Steinmetz, although this group of people covered a wider age range.