Assignment 4 – First images

Having looked at length at the words collected for A4 I realised that there were several duplicates and others that grouped together:

Scan_20200628 (2)
  • Beach, Black Sands and Pagham – are all talking about the seaside
  • Jewellery, eye for fashion, appearance conscious – all about dress
  • Flowers, lily, hydrangea, gardener – all about flowers
  • Social, plums, rolladen, good cook – about meals and occasions
  • Family, memories, sleepovers, tent (of sheets), castle, sadness – all about childhood and the past

Others are more difficult to categorise:

  • Independent, proud, determined, pragmatic, conceited are personality traits
  • Articulate, sarcastic, charming – how she presented to others
  • Prejudice, 2-faced, WWII, difficult – how she could be about others and the past
  • Supportive, caring

The first group are (reasonably) easy to picture, the second group much less so.

I then need to decide how to show case the images and link them to the words/ideas given by the words. One way I thought about was to place the images in the environment.

The difficulty with this was that we are in lockdown, and I simply could not travel to many of the places that would make sense of this as an idea; a beach, where she lived when younger (Germany and America) or even the castles she loved to visit. So more thought was needed.

When I was looking though our old archives, I came across these two images. The first is of my grandmother, the second is of the family shrine they put up in Germany after her death in about 1948.

I decided to attempt to use the words and some of the pictures I had found of her to make a series of still life’s , using the old photos and items that linked them to some of the memory words. I deliberately shot the images outside in the garden as that was her favourite place.

The Seaside
The Seaside
Dress code
Dress code

This is a starting point. I have some others in mind.

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