Assignment 2 – Initial Thoughts (and problems)

For some reason this assignment has been one of the hardest I have tackled so far. Part of the reason has been outside issues – the weather, health, family deaths. However, part has been pure procrastination on my part.

I initially planned to use some images that I had taken when doing exercise 2.3  – Exercise 2.3 – Same model, different background using some of the other images of Martin and his wife, either inside the house or more close up portraits in the garden – however it didn’t really fit the brief. I did make it into a newspaper, which I am moderately pleased with, and which was an interesting experiment. See Newspaper trial

I then decided to try and take some images of an autistic boy (Sam). This got delayed over and over for practical reasons, and I couldn’t seem to get past it.  I then took some separate images of another autistic family – which seemed to work well.

But still I was stuck!

I finally decided to just do it, work up both sets of images and see what happened.

Learning points:

  • Read the brief carefully
  • Get on and take the photographs
  • Have a backup plan
  • Take risks – it might not be perfect (in fact, won’t be) – but just do it.
  • Spending too much time reading and researching the possibilities is only useful if you have infinite time

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