Realising an Assignment

I attended one of Angela Norrington’s informative talks. For once my notes were legible. – so rather than retyping them I will append them as scans.

One part I found particularly interesting was the discussion about black and white versus colour.  In spite of a general swing to colour plenty of photography is still done with B/W. It allows for concentration on the formal aspects of the image: shapes, texture, tone, form.  Plenty of photographers switch between depending on what sort of work they are doing.  Jeffrey’s quote on colour reducing to an idea less readily than B/W is interesting. Colour is specific – that place – not any place, that person – not any person. If you are planning a black and white image you need to be in the correct mindset. Take the pictures in black and white – not just convert to B/W. Sudden blobs of colour may really stand out – but the same area may hardly show in B/W.  Mixing the two needs to be carefully thought through – and may not work in a small series.

Think about your outcome format. Experiment to see what works best. Try prints, zines, handmade books. Check, check and check again!

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