Learning Outcome 2

Learning outcome 2 is about translating ideas into visual outcomes. The assignment I did which best realised this was Assignment 5 – A Very Private Lady. This assignment built on assignment 4 and my initial work with archives is shown there and in Exercise 4.5 – My Mother’s Memories where I first experimented with video.

Assignment 5 tell the story of my mother’s early life. It was a difficult piece of work to do because of the emotional difficulties of working with an archive and the words of someone who has died recently.

The research was important, both to inform what I was doing and to give me the impetus to take it forward. The most valuable piece was reading Annette Kuhn Family Secrets (Kuhn, 2002) as it made me think about the past and memories in a different way.

My original plan was a photobook, this changed to a video and then I made a supplementary photobook following on from discussion with my peers Further Reflection on Assignment 5 with Added Book – My Mother’s Story. The final piece remains a video. 


Kuhn, A. (2002) Family secrets: acts of memory and imagination. (New ed) London; New York: Verso.

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