Michael Abrams – Welcome to Springfield

Michael Abrams book Welcome to Springfield uses collected photographs, vernacular images , to tell the story of a fictional place in America.The images look as though they come from a family album (and probably do) – just not the album of one family, black and white, colour, full bleed and small inserts. Images of wallpaper (I think). Some people look happy, others terrifying.  Pictures of rooms are followed by a woman in a red basque, looking out at us seductively. The book can be viewed on vimeo at https://vimeo.com/50823967.  Colberg (Colberg, s.d.) describes it as showing ‘the good American life, where the states of undress and awkward are never that far’. Like many books it is now on my reading/viewing list!

© Michael Abrams – from Welcome to Springfield


Colberg (s.d.) Conscientious | Review: Welcome to Springfield by Michael Abrams. At: http://jmcolberg.com/weblog/2012/11/review_welcome_to_springfield_by_michael_abrams/ (Accessed 10/09/2020).

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