Assessment – Learning Outcome 4

Learning outcome 4 is about reflection on your own work and that of others.

I have put my last assignment to our IAP group for comments and received some very helpful feedback which has led me to making a book to add to the project:

Futher Reflection on Assignment 5 with Added Book – My Mother’s Story

I have put together an extended reflection on my tutor’s report on Assignment 2, complied from several different blog posts:

Reflections on Tutor feedback for assignment 2

Because of lockdown – all recent museum visits have been virtual. The MoMA exhibition on Dorothea Lange is one I enjoyed (and would never have seen in the flesh).

Dorothea Lange – MoMA Exhibition

I attended a very interesting virtual study event on another students final work on London’s Hottest Postcode

Study visit – London’s Hottest Postcode

I also have spent time looking in detail at other photographers work, an example is: David Favrod

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