Assessment – Learning outcome 3

LO 3 is about developing a critical understanding of contemporary practice and its place in relativity to the historical use of photography.

In IAP there are a lot of new concepts and ideas. These all needed to be researched. Some examples of this research are:

  1. Research about essays that introduce the concepts:
    1. Bates – The Memory of Photography – talks about the use of archives, the way photographs effect our memory of things and the way the present plethora of digital images alter the way family memories are held.
  2. Research of a range of photographers who worked on a particular topic:
    1. Journeys – 1 and Journeys – 2 – between them they show the work of photographers who have taken journeys, from the very earliest Victorian photographers to the most recent.
  3. Research specifically for an assignment:
    1. In Research for Assignment 3 I looked at the ways you can present a story and several different photographers, attempting to pull out what made their work successful.
  4. Research on a specific photographer:
    1. Laura Letinsky
    2. Deborah Orloff

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