IAP to Level 2 Discussion Meeting

The IAP group had a very useful crossover meeting with people who had done some level 2 courses to discuss the options in more detail than is easily available.

Present were:

  • Zoe, Iain, Caroline, Julia and Michael from IAP
  • Lynda W., Lynda K., Andrew, and Simon from level 2 and 3

We discussed all the options available in some detail. Everybody seemed to have enjoyed the ones they had done. Simon was particularly enthusiastic about DIC! Everybody said to be aware that Level 2 involved more research and reading and generally less practical work and it was easy to go down the ‘rabbit hole’ of research (a problem I have at the best of times).  There is opportunities in all the courses to investigate things you are specifically interested in, such as archival work, abstracts, landscapes and people. There is a lot of theory involved in all of them.

Everybody said that the courses are not defined by the titles and you can ‘bend’ them to fit your particular interests.

Simon was very clear that he felt DIC was essential as it had completely changed how he looked at photography and had allowed him to become more adventurous and think more about why you take photos and what they mean. What is truth in photography? He commented that he had ended up using all sorts of media, including collage, to extend his work. He had thought it would be very 3rd person based – but it actually became very personal. Certainly not all photoshop.

Lynda W. Re Landscape, noted that the time scale had really allowed her to extend her work and think about things in more depth, crystallised her thinking, experimented with abstract

Lynda K. Reminded us not to see the genre names as boxes and pointed out that you might completely change what you were doing part way through. Landscape does not have to be outside, might be on a tabletop, or archival. Documentary is also not strictly reportage – but is being rewritten at present. Documentary needs a lot of research (but so do they all).

Andrew commented that SAO was initially very photo intensive and might (but could be done) be difficult at the present – but there is a lot of opportunities within it to meet with people and have discussions about their lives.

The big differences between Levels 1 and 2:

  • More time
  • More freedom
  • More academic work

Noted – none of us are teenagers (!) – therefore have more life experiences to help ground the work and the essays. The essays can be difficult to keep to the limits – so title and subtitle to narrow down exactly what you are talking about. Possibly write the introduction last when you know what. You want to say.

It is useful to have a side-project to work on as otherwise you might not actually do a lot of photography!

Lynda K. – gave 2 useful references



Thanks to all the people for sharing their time.

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