Penny Klepuszewka

Living Arrangements 05 – © Penny Klepuszewka

in Living Arrangements has considered the changing social face of out time which leads to many elderly people living alone. She says in her artists statement ‘The home is often regarded as a place of shelter but for some in later life if can decode an island of isolation’ (Penny Klepuszewska, s.d.) . In this series she uses small details, barely visible against a black background to show what might be present in someone’s home. There is a folded blue rug, part of a cooker, remains of a meal on a tray, and, most poignant of all, folded hands on a lace cloth with a pair of glasses. The images are gentle but telling. They describe a visual isolation that is terrifying but unfortunately common. The black emphasises the isolation, the paucity of the images that the elderly are often invisible in our society.


Penny Klepuszewska (s.d.) At: (Accessed 17/07/2020).

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