Sarah Lynch

Sarah Lynch is a Scottish photographer who makes still life images by building up small sculptures, wire, fruit, pieces of paper and then photographing them and showing them at large scale. There is one that grabs my attention, a plum with some pieces of thread in a deep damson colour on a white surface with a bubble floating just above the same surface. It contrasts dark and light, solid and ethereal, permanent, and fleeting. Another shows a raspberry on a pile of torn white paper suspended by a string and wire. The images are delicate, appearing simple. Fragile but balanced. The fragments of colour stand out against a predominantly white and grey background.

© Sarah Lynch

In the interview in Photoparley (Boothroyd, 2012) she says her goal is to make ‘people stop and pause for a while’, to spend ‘a moment contemplating everyday objects as beautiful and fragile’ and to ‘put our small selves into perspective’. Not a bad goal to aspire to.


Boothroyd, S. (2012) Sarah Lynch. At: (Accessed 14/07/2020).

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