Assignment 4 – Self Reflection

Demonstration of Technical and Visual Skills:

  • The images of the still life set ups are sharp, and the background is deliberately out of focus
  • I considered both black and white and colour images. The initial pictures used as the basis are both black and white (the earlier images) and colour (the later images).
    • I considered making the whole series black and white either by changing the later of the pictures to black and white – or by making the whole series completely in black and white.
    • Overall, I decided colour gave a more accurate portrayal of how I am feeling at the moment and the pictures were varied  however black and white would give more consistency.

 Quality of outcome:

  • Getting the images without reflection was difficult
    • I ended up removing the plans from the frames
  • The light was variable – it would have been easier to do these as indoor still life’s where I had total control, but I wanted to do them outside to reflect on my Mother’s love of gardens

Demonstration of creativity:

  • I spent considerable time planning this exercise both in organising the set ups and the necessary pre-work of searching for the pictures
  • There was a large emotional load when making and taking these images
  • They link directly with and from exercise 4.5 and would be better seen together


  • The assignment was based on the work done in part 4
  • The work sits within the framework of memory and families and I have done reading around this (referenced in the research).

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