30 Seconds on Margaret Mitchell

I listened in on the webinar at Street Level with Margaret Mitchell. I first saw her images on the railings at one of the St. Andrew’s Photography Festivals and they have been in the news since.

The talk explained her background, some of her major series and what she is doing now.

  • She started at Napier University and was interesting in community work from early on
  • Her major work has been with portraiture, mainly of her extended family In This Place
  • Works with charities – especially Shelter
  • Important to give something back to the people you are working with – so may teach or allow/encourage them to become involved
  • At present doing a long term project with Shelter on people who have been homeless
  • Pics that you took in the past may come back into play in the present
  • Listen and talk to people , give them a chance to think about where/how they want to be photographed
  • Think about how much choice people have had in their lives – may have been very little.
  • Think about the role of the environment in what people can do
  • Be respectful in how the images are produced and who sees them

See: https://margaretmitchell.co.uk/

And: https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2020/jun/15/michaels-mission-helping-edinburghs-homeless-photo-essay for a recent discussion on her work with the homeless and one of their stories



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