Exercise 4.4

Image 1:

© Kasia Delgado/i

The back view of an attractive female nude (wearing a sun hat)

  • Take advantage of the sunny weather
  • “I looked out my window and saw this” by Disgusted from Fife
  • “Wow, what at sight” by Elated from Fife
  • An unusual warm day in Scotland

Staring over the edge of my garden I look for what I can see. I might have been in France. I might have been on a cruise. Instead, I am sunbathing here. What? You think I am a wanton woman? Are you jealous of my freedom? Do you envy my courage?

This comes from a piece in a newspaper advocating Naturism – ‘clothes seem pointless’.  I have taken the naturist viewpoint I have turned it into a reverie by the female. This could now be the first few sentences of a story – I am wondering what happens next rather than thinking nice idea – but its too cold in Scotland.

Photo and article from ‘I’ by Kasia Delgado (Delgado, 2020).

Image 2:

A picture of a pretty girl of nursery age (I am not going to copy this for obvious reasons), at a table, smiling and holding her hand up.

  • “Me, me, I want to go first”
  • “Can I tell my story?”
  • …… loves nursery and is so excited to go back
  • …… is loving lockdown and home teaching

This is my child. She is wonderful and excited and enjoys life. Love her so much even though she is hard work. She never stops moving or talking, even in her sleep. I wonder if there is something wrong. Maybe she has ADHD.

The picture comes from a piece in the Dunfermline Press on 07/05/20 that is saying that the council has not offered any nursery places for the child. The parent is complaining about the system and says nothing about the child (McRoberts, 2020).

Image 3:

© Gemma Ryder/Dunfermline Press

A large pile of burnt rubbish, including what looks like a washing machine.

  • Major fire at office – disaster strikes new firm
  • Cover-up by fire
  • Airplane hits local conurbation – multiple deaths.

What a disaster, the local storage unit for the Charity has been set on fire by vandals. All the goods are destroyed. Urgent appeal for new goods is now underway.

The picture comes from the Dunfermline Press  and  is talking about fly tipping in an article by Gemma Ryder (Ryder, 2020).


This is an interesting exercise, although basically a repeat of one done in Context and Narrative at Image and Text. I found myself being more imaginative with my response this time around. I wanted to write stories, an imagined response to the picture. Much of the news at present is about Covid-19 – so I tried to avoid those articles and look for others. It shows clearly how an image can be interpreted in a multiplicity of ways, positive and negative, fact and fiction. So, to make things clear – do you write an essay – or do you leave it all up to the viewers imagination, or give just enough clues to get them thinking? Open or closed?


Delgado, K. (2020) ‘Why more of us are daring to bare all under lockdown’ In: i 13/05/2020

McRoberts, A. (2020) ‘‘Unacceptable’: Mum not offered any nursery places for child’ In: Dunfermline Press 07/05/2020 p.20.

Ryder, G. (2020) ‘When will recycling centres reopen?’ In: Dunfermline Press 07/05/2020 p.35.

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