30 seconds on Ashley Gilbertson

Following on from the research talk by Andrea Norrington I decided to use her 30 second rule to take notes immediately after seeing or reading something. This way I might actually do it  (and remember things). So:

I watched a video on Ashley Gilbertson talking about his book Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot about the 2nd Gulf War in Iraq on VII.

  • An intelligent, articulate, angry photographer
  • Images that show war not just in the gory details but in the personal snippets
  • ‘It was their war until someone died for me then it became my war’
  • What you do should not change things (for the worse)
  • Wait for something to happen rather than set it up
  • Hopefully bearing witness will allow people to understand that most people kill for an ideology not for the personal things (and that everybody has the same personal truths – family, home)



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