Research Zoom

I have recently attended a zoom meeting with Andrea Norrington on research. The PowerPoint for the meeting is available here:  (Norrington, s.d.) and here: so I will not repeat everything in it, just give my own thoughts and note the ‘activities’ it has caused me to do.

Why do research?

  • This seemed a rather superfluous question to me – but apparently some people don’t think it is necessary or relevant
  • The question about the ‘risk of copying’ other people’s work came up. Andrea pointed out that this is one of the best ways to learn. Certainly, I understand that it was always part of any Fine Art curriculum until recently.
  • It is actually hard to copy – everyone has their own style and ways of doing things. Copying something may well give you new ideas.
  • She showed the Rankin shoots Bailey clip and suggested that we should look at some of the others on the series
    • Note to self – do this
  • I was just looking at the work of Julia Fullerton-Batten (as she was one of a group of artists offering to sell prints in aid of charity) and saw the image Ophelia , which is directly based on the John Everett Millais work of the same name. She went to vast effort to copy it accurately. See here for the picture: (Fullerton-Batten, s.d.) and here for the explanation (Fullerton-Batten, s.d.)


  • Think laterally
  • Explore the whole time period
  • Use books, films, poetry (and presumably music) to inspire
  • Think outside the box, follow up references and footnotes – they may take you off on a completely different but productive stream
  • Be curious
  • Go down that rabbit hole (just remember to come up)!
  • Be critical of sources


  • Be rigorous
  • Use a rolling bibliography
  • I have been using MyBib – but had not realised that the version of Harvard the OCA uses is slightly different from standard
    • I am now checking all my references
    • I have installed Zotero (with some difficulty) and am trying that out

Be Practical:

  • Think about what you can read and when
  • Try setting up a regular time of day
  • Used the 30 second rule to take really quick notes after you have seen/watched /read things
  • Have an organised system for keeping notes and storing resources
    • Try Evernote
    • Try Notion
    • Problem is I do most of my immediate work on a tablet and not much seems to work with that,
      • Find one that does
    • Keep notes and mark if good or awful so you don’t waste time going back to something that is useless
    • Remember that something you read now may be useful later

Plan for myself:


Fullerton-Batten, J. (s.d.) Ophelia ,. At: (Accessed  17/05/2020a).

Fullerton-Batten, J. (s.d.) Ophelia – Story,. At: (Accessed  17/05/2020b).

Norrington, A. (2020) Tutor Led Zoom for Level 1 / 2 Photography – May Session – Research: How and Why. At: (Accessed  17/05/2020).

Norrington, A. (s.d.) Photography Zoom Talks 2019/2020. At: (Accessed  17/05/2020).


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