Regular Reflections – May 1

In the ongoing times of seclusion, I am still finding it difficult to concentrate. Using the word seclusion rather than lockdown makes me think of nuns and friars rather than frustrated housewives and bored children. How did they manage? Routine was the key. Everything set around a place and time for it to happen. My son showed me a very clever meme that should become my mantra. Divide your life into spaces. Do the correct thing in the correct space. It certainly helps.

Reading and watching:

  • Creative Vision by Jeremy Webb – mainly based around film based photography with a sprinkling of other processes and digital work thrown in – not sure there is much that directly translates in what I am doing at present – but some fascinating ideas to combat boredom
  • The Photographer’s Eye by Michael Freeman. Mine is an old copy and brings back all the practical design ideas I learnt on TAOP. Probably because he wrote that course. However, it’s a good reminder of the basics.
  • Listened to a podcast with Maisie Cousins – fascinating and then bought/read (do you read or view photobooks) – her latest. Lush/fascinating/revolting all at the same time
  • Reading a lot of poetry – some inspired by photography, some hopefully will inspire it. Last West – Road songs for Dorothea Lange – is a fascinating glide though her notes mixed with modern thoughts/ideas. I read it in a single sitting.
  • Watched much of the MOMA visual gallery work on Dorothea Lange – really interesting and relevant for A4 of IAP
  • Reading old BMJ’s – catching up!

Thinking and doing:

  • Finished first go at A3
    • Put into a PowerPoint 
    • Sent off to tutor
  • Working more on A4
    • Wondering about using Polaroid type images to emphasise the nature of past and memory
  • Started on the reading for A4
  • Dug out my pastels and trying to draw again – no idea how or if this will fit into this course- but making me think more generally about image making.
  • Made an excel spreadsheet to keep track of the things I want to watch/listen to and also interesting links


  • Still continuing with lockdown diary – using it saw a time too practice skills
    • Mainly working on macro images
    • Playing with images of sunlight, how can you see it, though trees, reflections
  • Acquired a Helios lens and playing with that – lovely soft images, focusing can be tricky though
  • Continued experimenting with calotypes

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