Assignment 3 – Choices

Having spent time looking over the (very) large number of pictures taken at DWARF (Dunfermline Roleplaying and Wargaming Fellowship) and cutting out all the ones where the focus, lighting or general look was wrong I then have had to try and decide on a theme.

There are 3 main sections to DWARF:

  • The role-playing faction – who mainly play Dungeons and Dragons, but occasionally divert into card cakes such as Yu-Gi-Oh
  • The tabletop gamers who tend to play a different game each week
  • The wargamers – mainly Warhammer of various iterations although other things like Bolt Action are also played

All the three groups were keen to engage with me, to have their photos taken, to ask for their photos to be put up on the group website and to suggest that I might like to join in. It was generally a very friendly group. A few people did not want to be photographed and I deliberately avoided photographing the under 16’s – although their parents were all happy for them to be involved with the project.

I then divided the images up into the 3 groups and selected the ones that told most about the activities, including some portraits. I could have used just portraits but felt that this did not say anything about the activity itself. This, eventually, gave me three groups of 12 images.  The next problem was what to show. I came up with 3 possibilities:

  • Pick one of the 3 groups and concentrate on them
  • Choose a smaller selection of each of the 3 and put them into an overall story
  • Just use the portraits – but as above this limits the overall information given

Possibilities shown here:

Role playing:



Whole story:

The next problem is my usual dilemma of black and white versus colour.  Most of the stories I looked at while doing research for putting a narrative together used black and white, even those that were made recently. It does have the effect of concentrating ones viewing on the faces, and, as a side benefit, would have enabled me to lose the awful colour cast given by the very peculiar lighting in the halls they use. I think if I end up doing a separate piece of work using portraits of the group that would be the way to go. However, much of the information about the activities comes from the, at times garish, colour in the games and the models. Certainly, the wargamers are extremely proud of the paint jobs and the colours act to define much of the story they are acting out. So, colour it is.

I now need to make a final choice. I would have liked to take the options to the group and ask them about how they would like to be presented to the outside world – but this is difficult at present. I will post this on the group website and see if any of them get back to me.

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