Regular Reflections – April 2

Reading and watching:

  • I have been looking at a lot of photobooks for research for putting together a narrative for A3
  • Looking at lots of mags as above
  • Also looking online – Lenscratch, Aperture, FOAM etc
    • In spite of all that still not clear!
  • Reading Will Gompertz on 150 years of modern art
  • A very short book on Art Theory
  • Continued reading Creative Vision
  • Finished watching the Disability Century

Oddly enough (and perhaps because of), despite the plethora of available talks, shows, etc on the web I am having great difficulty getting organised to watch them. Either they are at an awkward time (and I then forget to go back) or I just do not get my act together

  • Do a diary of things to watch
  • Actually watch them
  • Brief write up

Thinking and doing:

  • Almost finished A3, got an idea on the story and done lots of research
  • Had an idea for A4 (images and text) – using words generated by thought about my recently deceased mother
  • Continuing with the Coursera on Modern Art


  • Continuing with lockdown diary
    • Changed it slightly to be less rigid
    • Included more experimental photoshop work
    • addded in taking pics of people walking their dogs (a la Arnatt)
  • Started playing with calotypes
    • Started with pack of pre-done paper
    • Thinking about how to make my own
    • Collecting plant material on walks
    • Experimenting with microwave pressing – using cardboard

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