Regular reflections -February 2


  • The Ballad of Sexual Dependency – I enjoyed it – although that is clearly the wrong word! Something I have been meaning to look at for a long time
  • Looked again at Family Secrets by Kuhn – made notes, this would use re-reading at a later date

Thinking and doing:

  • Zoom on reflective writing – written up separately, definitely something I need to practice
  • Started a spreadsheet on all my photobooks, partly to avoid duplications, partly to enable better note keeping


  • Just sat down and did assignment 2
    • Used the images I had taken for it and put aside
    • Contacted people online for opinions
    • Sent it all off to tutor
  • Met with another ASD adult to plan photography for long term project

Upshot is that I am feeling better and back on track even if I have to redo whole of A2.

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