Initial reflection on Assignment 2

Assessment Criteria

 Demonstration of Technical and Visual Skills:

  • The images are sharp and stand out against the backdrop
  • I was looking for a range of expressions on Sam’s face whiich I obtained – but it was limited by what he was prepared to do
  • I considered both black and white and colour images
    • I have gone for colour; but I am concerned that the faces can get lost against the highly coloured background and am still wondering about the advantage of black and white to minimise this effect

Quality of outcome:

  • There are a range of images taken of a difficult subject
  • The images do tell a story about Sam although somewhat limited

Demonstration of creativity:

  • I spent considerable time planning this exercise both in organising the shoot and the necessary pre-work
  • These are fairly straightforward portrait shots and I don’t think I have been overly creative in the actual pictures


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