Regular Reflection – January 1


  • Ranciere – Notes on the photographic image
  • Playing to the Gallery – Greyson Perry
    • His written version of the Reith lectures – fascinating and funny! Gives an overview of what he thinks about the contemporary art scene
  • Thinking about art – Penny Huntsman
    • A general book on the history of art (not just photography) – secondary to my decision to generally learn more about art history so that I can put the photography scene into context
  • People of the 21st century – Hans Eijkelboom – his work on people and their similarities (and differences) see notes Hans Eijkelboom


  • Still no further forward with pictures for A2 – think I an going to have to completely change subject
  • Started on images of people with ASD and their families. Met up with a couple (and baby) and did some work with them
    • This has led to some thoughts as to what I might want to take forward
      • People with their favourite image (to an image of their favourite artist)
      • People mimicking the person they would most like to be, or someone who inspires them




  • See above – lots of ideas about ASD work rolling around in my head – just not sure how to fit it into OCA course

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