Regular Reflections – November 2

Week ending – 51/11/19

Reading and seeing:

  • Andrea Modica – Treadwell with an interesting essay by E. Annie Proulx
  • Attended an exhibition at the local library by David Mach – Odyssey, an which he has made a sculpture of containers and sea objects. Accompanied by a video talk about how he built it and the need for repurposing items together with the interest in the use of shipping containers across the world.
  • Also saw exhibition on the local collection of objects from the Far East, interestingly it showed how the marks on the china often were misleading, in that they were copied from earlier pieces onto ones made for overseas trade!



  • Settled on work for A3 – have contacted a local gaming club and will start photographing and attending from the weekend.
    • Discussion with the chairperson about the problems of photographing under 18’s in todays restrictive society without formal permission from parents. There are interesting questions there
      • What age does the restriction cut in, heath uses a 16 year cut-off for all consent, which under Scottish Law is the age of adulthood while the council uses 18 which is the age people may still be in school
      • How much memory are we loosing? I have multiple pictures of my children at school events from nursery up – but there is a moratorium on taking these now, equally I was told you can’t take pictures at cub events such as sitting around a campfire if you show anyone’s face. Is this political correctness gone mad? Why are people so scared? What are the real risks? Is it all secondary to social media?

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