Regular Reflections November 1

Week ending 08/11/19


  • Clare Strand – Monograph, a general overview of her work until 2009 accompanied by essays. The essays give an insight into how she thinks and her interest in fantasy and what photographs can mean
  • BMJ December (7890) – mainly on depictions of America
    • I really enjoyed Blackwater River by Lawrence and Patterson. The images are luminous and varied and interestingly show a mixture of black and white and colour images


This week there was a lot of articles about competitions and shortlists.

Another interesting article was about the work by Mike Goldwater on the London Underground- which fits in with some of my earlier reading


As I am nearly at the end of part 2 I am thinking about possibilities for final work for part 3 which will need some time. Possibilities are;

  • The local running club
  • One of the local knitting clubs
  • The local choral society.

I am not members of any of these so any will take some considerable work-up.

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