Regular Reflections – October 3

Week ending 01/11/19


  • Exploration of use of animal cloths as backdrops for an outdoor studio
  • Retake of some of the images for 3 people in same place
  • Playing with use of reflection in a bus window

Reading and listening:

  • More from Kozloff’s The Theatre of the Face
  • Lots of articles on Clare Strand and Irving Penn to make sense of their different uses of a studio
  • Podcasts on Daniel Meadows, David Moore and Todd Hido
  • New podcast series – The Way I See It – on various scientists talking about their favourite piece of art from MOMA. Fascinating as they link the art to their other interests, a jazz musician saw a piano score in Piet Mondrian’s Broadway Boogie-Woogie – something I would never have thought of, but totally get on reflection.



  • Attended the Scottish OCA Photography groups bi-monthly meeting
    • Saw the open exhibition at Street Level. Some fascinating pieces of work. I particularly liked a typology of hands by Alex Hetherington, a zine about part of Glasgow (Govanhill) and 3 small wet collodion plates by Lorenzo Dalberto, although I could have given the entire list. Of particular interest (and pointed out by tutor Wendy McMurdo) was the extremely wide range of ways people used th show their images, ranging from books and a zine to traditional frames.
    • Discussed the possibility of handmaking books to show images, both as a more flexible approach to design and as an alternative to getting things printed by Blurb or similar
    • Looked at possibility of producing a Newspaper club zine – as an exercise for our next meeting
    • Long discussion on the need for editing and how to do so in the context of massive archives of material, especially when not already digitised. Could you pick out a small number of images, or think about typologies.
    • Thinking about archives – suggested look at work of Joachim Schmid on found photographs
    • Also Erik Kessler
    • Suggested looking at work of Christelle Lebas – work Field Studies where she looked at the pictures of a Victorian ethnobotanist and went back to reshoot them with great difficulty due to the changes in the areas
    • Discussed work by 2 of our members, interestingly both looking at things to with relatives. Used very different approaches, both valid but giving very different feels.
    • Discussed the possibility of using videos of the way work is produced to make it easier to understand conceptual pieces
    • Discussed the possibility of using projections of images and then taking more images of the projected ones.
  • Overall a fascinating day, with thanks to Wendy for tutoring it and Neil for organising it!

Work done:

  • Finished the exercise on one person in 5 backgrounds. Great difficulty in choosing the images
  • Still working on ‘the aware’ as a concept



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