Regular Reflections October 2

Week ending 25/10/19


  • Mary Ellen Mack – on the Portrait and the Moment
    • Interesting workshop on her thoughts about what makes a portrait work, heavy on the images, light on words – but very informative
  • Sian Davey – Looking for Alice
    • Reread – one of the books I am collecting that show images of people with disabilities and how that impacts on their or their families/friends lives


  • about burnout and how to avoid–hXLmSINoLm4hMAqgkb93VIc–U9X4fHG3In6WfJBbdDxRYG4znQiq4MXlFEaUwk_N11sdWkiBs7HJtZm9OB-hVgM3vFT1lkZn-c6el0s&_hsmi=78427269

  • an article about people with disabilities


  • Initial work up on images of 3 people with some trial runs looking for good viewpoints around our local abbey
  • Taking images of 3 people – at the abbey, unfortunately limited by very poor light conditions so very dark inside the abbey, not practical to use a flash even if I had a set up
  • Some general images of the abbey to show historical background
  • Phone photography of the area and the lovely autumn colour (+ some heavy rain)
  • Started working on a long-term project of taking random images of unusual rubbish on the streets – this is for personal interest and as a play project!

Work done:

  • Finished initial write up on the aware and summary piece


  • Still lacking in mojo so decided just to take pictures rather than thinking about it!
  • Considering how to start working on long-term plan on showing mental health and its effects on the families


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