Regular Reflections October 1

Week ending 18/10/19

Further to discussion with another OCA student who commented that she was advised to do weekly summaries by her tutor I remembered that i used to do exactly that and found it helpful. So, I will try again.


  • Theatre of the Face – Max Kozloff
    • Fascinating if hard going at times
  • The Autobiography of Miss Wish – Nina Bernard
    • Depressing – important tale to be told, a long-term history of a person struggling with life
  • Big Brother – Louis Quail
    • Rereading, love this book
  • Now and Then, England 197- 2015 – Daniel Meadows
    • Summary of life’s work with additional stories
  • Mother – Paul Graham
    • Loads of thoughts here, wish I had done similar, poignant images that show that focusing on the face is not always essential



  • Mass of archive boxes and photo albums
  • A cat in a box
  • Random things in the street
    • Should I have another go at a daily photograph? And see what I can see? Practice at looking.
  • Looking at and starting to sort archival photos from my husband’s family


  • How to take images for Vice Versa
    • Possibility of using curtain as a backdrop
    • Can I use Sam and family? – against an animal background possibly?
  • Organising shoot of 3 people in same place – delayed for practical reasons, availability of subjects and weather


  • I wish I hadn’t missed the opportunity of doing a similar project to Paul Grahams mother.
  • Wondering about taking pictures of slowly dismantling her house and belongings, sacks for the charity, rubbish, empty cupboards etc. Again, a partly missed chance as process already started and maybe too raw.
  • Struggling to get my mojo together at the present. Too many changes recently and too much time spent doing nothing.


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